MEG Modules - Alberta Oil Sands


Fabrication of 4 wellhead and 47 infill Modules for the Alberta Oil Sands.

Key points

  • All modules built indoors out of the elements
  • Shipped safely and without damage to Fort McMurray
  • Module start to finish time reduced from 7 weeks to 3 weeks over 6 months due to improved work flow


  • Integrated assembly production line and pre-fabrication of maximum amount of pipe spools and structural steel
module ready for shipment

The Project

Ideal carried out all aspects of fabrication, electrical, structural steel, insulation and heat tracing on 4 well heads and 47 infill modules for the Alberta Oil Sands. Ideal built all modules inside our facility out of the elements to ensure timeline.  Ideal delivered all modules and infills on time with an aggressive schedule. The module start to finish time was reduced from 7 weeks to 3 weeks due to improved work flow. All work shipped and delivered to Fort McMurray with no quality issues of any type.