Main Office


Ideal Welders vast shop and fabrication space allows for virtually no size restrictions in project execution. This allows us to ship our finished products to both domestic and international customers seamlessly.

Given our prime Annacis Island location, all of our facilities are easily accessible by road, and rail with the notable advantage of water way access considering the proximity to the Fraser River at our Ideal 2 location . All of our facilities are equipped with MIG, TIG and SAW welding equipment as well as the power rolls and welding positioners required to support production. The main shop has four bays and is capable of producing in excess of 30,000 diameter inches per month. Our stainless steel shop is completely segregated and our newest facility has overhead crane capacity of up to 100 tons. Upon combining our location, expertise and overall capacity it is clear why Ideal Welders LTD is the premier specialized fabrication shop in British Columbia.