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Below are some projects Ideal has completed while abiding by the strict specifications required by each customer all the while maintaining the same degree of quality and commitment we are known for.
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Shell Canada, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Piping for the Fort Saskatchewan Upgrader project was fabricated at Ideal and transported to Alberta for installation. A total of 280,000 diameter inches of fabrication were delivered over a 12 month window.
Imperial Oil, Kearl Oilsands, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Ideal Welders provided materials, fabrication, assembly and testing of 25 process skids making up the valve train assemblies for the boiler system at the Kearl Oilsands Project – Phase I. The project was completed through Hamworthy Peabody Combustion Inc. for B&W who were providing the boilers. A second set of skids was subsequently constructed for Kearl Phase II.
Suncor Energy, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Multiple projects for Suncor Energy. Work included fabrication of various P91/P22 piping projects, and module piping for the Firebag 3/4 and Voyageur Coker Plant projects. Also fabricated piping for turnarounds and various maintenance projects.
Terasen Gas, multiple projects, BC
Work encompassed numerous valve stations, headers, a number of pigging stations, and miscellaneous P22 chrome projects for Terasen Gas over a period of 20 years.
Spectra Energy, multiple projects, BC
Projects for Spectra Energy included design and fabrication of reactor switching valves for all their Northern BC gas plants and fabrication of numerous compressor stations.
Transmountain Pipeline, Richmond, BC
Supply and fabrication of piping, API storage tanks, structural steel and a complete tank farm overhaul.
Alberta Pacific Pulp Company, Boyle, Alerta
Ideal Welders provided materials, fabrication, assembly and testing of a Methanol Purification System in modules for Alberta Pacific Pulp Company in Boyle, Alberta. The project was completed through A. H. Lundberg Systems Limited of Vancouver, BC.
Harmac Pacific, Nanaimo, BC
Fabricated a 15 foot to 54 inch diameter bellmouth for Harmac Pacific as part of their new effluent treatment plant pipe work.
Millar Western Pulp, Whitecourt, Alberta
Supplied, fabricated and installed a 48-inch diameter compressed air piping system for an effluent treatment plant at Millar Western Pulp.
Westmin Mines, Vancouver Island, BC
Fabricated and installed 9 km of 46-inch diameter, Grade X70 penstock above and below grade at Westmin Mines, north of Campbell River. Ideal also fabricated the powerhouse bifurcation and valve stations, and was responsible for all coatings and testing.
Alstom Power, International
Completed various projects for Alstom Power. Work included the fabrication of stainless and P91/P22 chrome piping for the Sunrise, Power Iowa, Lapaloma, Bayside and Island Cogen projects.
Hydromax Energy, Sechelt, BC
HYDROMAX ENERGY, SECHELT, BCSupplied, fabricated and coated 84-inch diameter mitres, powerhouse bifurcation and a pipe bridge for the Lower Clowhom run-of-river hydro project near Sechelt, BC. Ideal also fabricated the 58-inch diameter bifurcation piping for the Upper Clowhom project.
Covanta Power, Burnaby, BC
Ideal has been the mechanical contractor for the Burnaby Incinerator since it opened over 25 years ago. During construction, Ideal installed the original boiler pipe work and the cogeneration facility.
Zeballos Lake Hydro, Zeballos, BC
Supplied, fabricated and coated 48-inch diameter mitres, and a 48-inch diameter reducing wye for the Zeballos Lake run-of-river hydro project near Zeballos, BC.
Lafarge Cement, Delta, BC
Ideal built several storage tanks for Lafarge, the largest of which was 80 feet high and 25 feet in diameter. Tanks were built at our facility and barged down the river to Lafarge Cement, where dthey were unloaded and installed.