Conoco Phillips, California, USA


Complete modular design, fabrication and assembly of a diesel desulphurization plant.

Key points

  • Modular construction
  • 35 modules assembled in shop, then shipped to California for installation
  • Project included all pipe and structural steel fabrication, testing, fireproofing, insulation and painting
  • Installed with zero misfits or rework


Significant cost savings due to modular in-shop construction

Modular design, supply, fabrication and assembly of a diesel desulphurization plant. Following assembly, the modules were barged to California where the plant was erected with zero rework.

Modules were loaded on barges for shipping

The project

Conoco Phillips, through their EPC firm Bechtel, were installing a diesel desulphurization plant at their refinery in Rodeo, California. Bechtel contracted Ideal Welders to completely fabricate the plant in modular components at our facilities on Annacis Island in Delta, BC.

The 35 modules were fabricated and assembled, loaded on a self-loading barge at a yard near by our shop, and shipped to California for installation.

Valve cluster module ready for shipment

The concept

Modular construction of processing facilities allows for greater flexibility in the construction phase of the project. When the opportunity to move fabrication from the field to a shop environment is available,  production,  efficiency and quality control will improve.  The end result is one that will positively impact the projects schedule and help reduce costs.

By completing the majority of this project in a controlled shop environment, Ideal Welders was able to deliver a higher quality product in quicker, more economic fashion. 

Pipe rack module erection


Ideal Welders leased a small yard on the Fraser River near our fabrication facility. Structural steel and piping fabrication was completed in our shop, while erection of the modules and assembly of the internal piping took place in the yard.

The scope of the project also included cable tray assembly and installation, E & I, fire proofing, painting and insulation, hydro testing, and NDE (which was provided by our on-site 3rd party contractor).

The modules were loaded directly on to a barge from our site, and then shipped to California where they were installed by others with zero deficiencies or field rework.