Southern Crossing Pipeline, BC Gas, British Columbia, Canada


Shop fabrication and field installation of pipeline river crossing.

Key points

  • Designed and bult in modules
  • Shop fabrication of pipe, supports and walkways
  • Included painting, insulation and testing
  • Field Installation 


  • Better quality and cost control due to shop farication and assembly
  • Less field work
  • On-schedule delivery

Shop fabrication and field installation of a 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline at 5 river crossings throughout southern BC as part of the Southern Crossing Pipeline.

24-inch natural gas pipeline bridge

The Project

BC Gas tendered a project to install a 24-inch natural gas pipeline from the Alberta border to Oliver, BC in the Okanagan Valley. Included in the project were fiver river crossings that the prime contractor declined in undertaking.

Ideal Welders took on the responsibility for fabrication and field installation of the gas pipeline at each of these river crossings.

Field installation of a shop-fabricated pipe bridge


Ideal Welders designed modular components and drafted drawings for each of the crossings. In the shop we fabricated the pipe work. pipe supports and walkways, and assembled the components into modules. All Components were painted, insulated and tested (NDE and pressure) prior to leaving the shop.

installed shop-fabricated pipe bridge


The 4-inch lines, pre-assembled in modular components, were shipped to the site for installation. Ideal Welders provided the field crews and equipment to hang the modules off the sides of the existing bridges, complete the final fit-up and weld them into place.