Ideal Valve

Ideal Welders Ltd. has invested 30 years in research, development and engineering of the IDEAL valve. Ideal Welders offers reactor switching valves and hot gas bypass valves custom designed for gas plant requirements. Ideal valves are the most reliable, reactor switching valves available. They have a longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and are built to ASME Code standards with 100 percent NDE.
All welding at Ideal Welders is performed in strict accordance with AMSE codes and standards by highly qualified tradespeople and experienced pressure welders.

The quality of work performed is constantly monitored by ANT-TC Level II certified welding inspectors. Inspection requirements are to ASME Section VIII and to customer requirements, which are often more stringent. Each valve is tested at Ideal Welders prior to shipping to confirm an ANSI B16.104 Class V or better bubble tight shutoff. Valve stroke cycle time is set to designated client requirements and fail-safe to last position. Fail close or open option available.