Ideal Valve

Ideal Welders Ltd. has invested 30 years in research, development and engineering of the IDEAL valve. Ideal Welders offers reactor switching valves and hot gas bypass valves custom designed for gas plant requirements. Ideal valves are the most reliable, reactor switching valves available. They have a longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and are built to ASME Code standards with 100 percent NDE.
Valve specifications
All Ideal valves are manufactured to our customers specifications.

In general, our valves have the following design specifications:

  • 12-inch to 80-inch diameter • Angle or straight through pattern
  • 2-way or 3-way action • Various internal and external material options
  • Steam jacketed
  • Built to ASME Section VIII standards
  • 100% ANSI compliance, bubble tight seal
  • Steam lubrication
  • Flanged or butt-welded with or without pups 

“When we needed switching valves for our refineries in India, our first choice was Ideal Welders.” Siirtec Nigi, Italy


“Ideal Welders has designed and constructed 2-Way and 3-Way Reactor Switching Valves for our sulphur recovery plants for the past 15 years. They are amazing problem-solvers and I highly recommend them.”Jacobs Canada Inc.