Run-of-River Hydro Projects, Western Canada


Shop fabrication of penstock components for numerous run-of-river projects in Western Canada

Key points

  • Shop fabrication of mitres, wyes, bifurcations, manholes, reducers and supports
  • Unique method for manufacturing mitres developed
  • Water access
  • Met all tight timelines, and delivered on budget


  • Improved quality and cost control due to shop fabrication
  • Significant cost saving due to innovation in mitre manufacturing
  • Barge delivery allowed shop fabrication of large components

Ideal Welders has been involved in numerous run-of-river hydro projects over the past 17 years. We have fabricated wyes, reducers, bifurcations mitres, manholes, access-ways, supports and other related metal works.

We have fabricated pieces as large as 120-inch diameter with 2-inch wall thickness. All NDE work was done in our shop by our 3ed party NDE company. Units were then typically shipped out for coating before delivery to the customer.

Following the successful completion of a number of these projects, we have developed an innovative method for manufacturing mitre joints, whihc can reduce capital requirements by upwards of 20%.

84-inch Clowhom wye prior to coating

Our Commitment

Strategic alliances with plate and pipe suppliers, coating and other related companies enables Ideal Welders to ensure penstock components are delivered on time and on budget. With our depth of experience, we are often capable of compressing a project schedule if required. Water access at one of our shops means that we can barge material to your site if there is a need.

Our quality control systems are second to none in the industry, which means there is no guesswork when the product get to site. We work with or customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Zeballos Lake reducing wye

Representative Projects

  • Upper Mamquam Hydro

Mamquam Hydro

120-inch bifurcation piping

barge delivery


  • Upper Stave / Upper Kwalsa

Cloudworks Energy

80-inch x 64-inch reducer

24-inch manhole assemblies

42-inch manhole assemblies


  • Zeballos Lake Hydro

Zeballos Lake Hydro

48-inch reducing wye

48-inch mitres


  • Brown Lake Hydro


Bifurcation piping

Bone Creek 84-inch mitres after coating
  • Bone Creek

Canadian Hydro Developers

84-inch mitres

84-inch bifurcation piping/bypass

84-inch pipe bridge


  • Tyson Creek

Tyson Creek Hydro

60-inch Turbine piping


  • Upper Clowhom


58-inch bifurcation piping/bypass


  • Lower clowhom


84-inch mitres

84-inch bifurcation piping/bypass

84-inch pipe bridge