The "Ideal" Valve


Sour Gas Reactor Switching Valve for use in all sour gas environments

Key points

  • Steam jacketed
  • ASME Section VIII construction
  • Construction using a variety of materials
  • Designed for 100% ANSI compliance, bubble tight seal


  • Lower maintenance costs due to high product quality
  • less downtime due to reliability of equipment
  • Flawless product delivery due to superior quality control

Our state-of-the-art steam jacketed reactor switching valve is used worldwide and is considered one of the best of its kind for sulphur recovery processing.

Internal valve during construction

Project Engineering

Each project is approached with the customers' specific requirements in mind. All designs are engineered in accordance with ASME Section VIII requirements and valves may be registered as pressure vessels if required.

Layout, cutting and plate preparation are all done by Ideal's highly skilled tradespeople under the supervision of the Quality Control department.

Assembly and packaging


All welding at ideal Welders is preformed in strict accordance with ASME codes and standards by highly qualified ad experienced pressure welders. The quality of work preformed is constantly monitored by ANT-TC Level II certified welding inspectors. Inspection requirements are to ASME Section VIII or to customer requirements, which are often more stringent.

Each valve is tested at Ideal Welders prior to shipping to confirm an ANSI B 16. 104 Class V or better bubble tight shutoff, the cycle is within predesigned times, and the fail-safe is to the pre-designated position. All factory gaskets are also tested to ensure that there is no leakage.

  • Westcoast Energy, Mcmahon Plant, BC, Canada, 1985
  • Westcoast Energy, Fort nelson Plant, BC, Canada, 1986 and 1988
  • Westcoast Energy, Pine River Plant, BC, Canada, 1992
  • Delta Hudson Engineering, Santino, Indonesia, 1996-7
  • DPH Engineering, Harmattan Plant, Alberta, Canada, 1998
  • Indian Oil Corp. Ltd., Panipat Refinery, India, 1998 and 1999
  • Sirtec Nigi, Visakh Refinery, India, 1998
  • Black & Veatch Pritchard, Habshan Refinery, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 1999 and 2011
  • Bear Paw Energy, Grasslands, Gas Plant, North Dakota, USA
  • Central Alberta Midstream, Kabob II Plant, Alberta, Canada, 2001, 2004 and 2007
  • Sirtec Nigi, Baharat Petroleum Co. Ltd., Mumbai, India, 2002
  • Technip - KTI SpA, Takreer Plant, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2003
  • Baharat Petroleum Co Ltd., Kochi Refinery, Kerala, India, 2009
  • Principal Technologies, PCP Midstream, Texas, USA, 201 and 2011
Installed 2-way valve

Valve Specifications

All Ideal valves are manufactured to our customers specifications. In general, our valves have the following design specifications;

  • 12-inch to 80-inch diameter
  • Angle or straight through pattern
  • 2-way or 3-way action
  • Various internal and external material options
  • Steam jacketed
  • Built to ASME Section VIII standards
  • 100% ANSI compliance, bubble tight seal
  • Steam Lubrication
  • Flanged or butt-welded with or without pups
No job is too small or too large

Customer References

"When we needed switching valves for our refineries in India, our first choice was Ideal Welders." Siirtec Nigi, Italy

"Ideal Welders has designed and constructed 2-Way and 3-Way Reactor Switching Valves for our sulphur recovery plants for the past 15 years. They are amazing problem-solvers and I highly recommend them." Jacobs Canada Inc.